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Chris Barsness has handled my case professionally and efficiently. He also does not charge a fortune for his services. I feel confident to recommend this attorney to other people.

Polina K.

Mr. Chris Barsness is one of the best attorneys i had ever hired . i will recommend Chris to anyone with any type of legal issues he is honest professional and the best value for your money he helped me with several cases and he got them all dismissed so call him he will help you the best he can. THANK YOU Chris!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hassan Niknafs

“I WILL NOT retain any attorney, other thank Chris. I never lost a case when he was my lawyer.

His style: He is quiet, calm, collected. But don’t let that fool you. When he talks in court or files motions or deposes others, he IS the alpha male, without yelling or screaming or bullying, unlike other attorneys who are empty suits trying to bully others or impress their clients.  When Chris represents me, it is I who sleeps at nights in peace. It is the other side that loses sleep.”

Mike Cohen

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