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I learned the law so well that the day I graduated law school, I sued the college, won, and got my tuition back.
– Fred Allen

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Chris Barsness, Esq.

Chris Barsness

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We handle all type of business and corporate transactions and disputes. Learn More

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We handle DUI, domestic violence, battery, hit and run, warrants, and related criminal matters. Learn More

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We handle chapter 7, 11, and 13 cases for individuals and businesses. Learn More

Your Justice Is Our Priority

I’ve been practicing law for 18 years and take pride in getting the best result I can for my clients.  I never pass people off to someone who doesn’t have my level of experience since I know I can get the job done.

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Flat Fee Lean Start-Up Business Legal Package Guide

Many entrepreneurs and founders are hesitant to talk to an attorney for fear of the dreaded hourly billing or unknown costs.  The other concern is that many people fear or don't want to deal with lawyers, either because they don't know what to expect or there have...

Business Start-Up Toolkit- A Guide to Lean Startup Legal & Advisors

I was reading an article in this month's (June 2012) Entrepreneur magazine by Ann C. Logue entitled "Beyond the Handshake- Having a business partner can be valuable.  Having the wrong-or no-partnership agreements can be disastrous."  It details the experiences I hear...

Will Bankruptcy Help If I Want To Keep My Business Open?

Will Bankruptcy Help If I Want To Keep My Business Open??"Will bankruptcy help me if I want to continue my business?" Clients often ask me, "I want to file bankruptcy or I’m thinking about it for my business, but I don't want to shut my doors. I don't want to close...

Why And When Should I Form a Legal Entity?

Why And When Should I Form a Legal Entity?Why and when should I form a legal entity for my business? A lot of people start a business as a sole proprietor. It's just them and they don't have any employees. They're just starting a new business, so that is fine. But at...

When Should I Do Asset Protection?

When Should I Do Asset Protection?When should I look to do asset protection? A lot of people want to know about it: "When should I do it and what should I do?"  Typically, the trigger for them to come in and talk to an attorney is, "I just got sued and they named me...

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