What Happens if You Violate Quarantine and Keep Your Business Open

What Happens if You Violate Quarantine and Keep Your Business Open

It’s been over a year now since Covid-19 has hit pause on “normal life,” yet it’s still making its impact. Just when we thought that things were going back to normal, we’re once again hit with a surge of Covid cases, prompting the government to impose quarantine and shut down stores, restaurants, fitness institutions, schools, and other businesses.

Some, depending on their industry, may be able to resume operations at a 10%, 25%, or 50% capacity. But most physical establishments in California have been shut down, by virtue of state, county, and local city health orders. Businesses are expected to comply with the regulations set forth by their state, county, and city authorities.

Those who violate these health orders can be penalized, according to the penalties set forth by their locality.

Penalties of Violating Quarantine and Health Orders

Businesses that violate any health order, whether from their State, county, or city, can be visited by local police or health code enforcement officers and receive a notice of violation of local municipal code of county health orders or state orders.

Depending on the gravity of the violation, business owners can also be issued a ticket for violating anywhere from an infraction to the California Health and Safety Code Section 120275. The penalty for the former is a small fine. On the other hand, the latter is considered a misdemeanor that can carry the penalties of jail time.

If a misdemeanor case goes to court, there can be the risk of the business being closed down and the owner’s business license could be taken away. This is on top of fines that the business owner would have to pay for their violation.

There are instances when the fines are enforced individually against the business owner or whoever decided to keep the business open despite quarantine restrictions. This means that an individual, instead of the corporation or LLC, can have a personal liability for violating the health orders.

What Can You Do to Protest Health Orders?

Health orders from the state, county, or local city are put in place to prevent the spread of the virus and ensure the safety of all the locals residing or doing business in the area. Hence, it’s highly recommended that all businesses adhere to safety and health regulations set forth by the authorities. Otherwise, a business that continues to open and violates quarantine restrictions can face criminal prosecution and civil fines and fees.

If a business wishes to protest a health order, the proper course of action is to go to court and obtain an order to stop the regulations from going into effect. However, this would involve a strong argument because of the health priorities.

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