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Types of Bankruptcy

Types of Bankruptcy 

  • Used by Individuals, Couples, or Businesses
  • Completely Eliminates Most Debts (“Liquidation”)
  • In the Business Option, Business Must Shut Its Doors
  • You can apply exemptions to keep certain assets
  • This is the easiest and least complicated form of bankruptcy
  • A case typically takes around 6 months from the filing date until the case is done.
  • Used only by Individuals or Couples
  • This is a repayment plan to repay all or a portion of your current debts
  • Monthly Payment Plan typically over 3 to 5 years
  • Allows You to Keep Most or All Assets
  • Longer Process than Chapter 7
  • Typically takes 6 to 12 months to get approved (confrmed) repayment plan.  From there, the trustee monitors the case until the payment plan is done and a discharge of debts is issued.
  • Used by Individuals, Couples or Businesses
  • Eliminate Debts or Create Repayment Plan to Pay All or a Portion of Debts
  • Can Attempt to Force Better Repayment Terms
  • New Small Business Provisions Make This Attractive Option to Save a Business
  • More Complex than Chapter 7 or 13
  • Typically takes 12 months to get approved plan





We walk you through the process


First, we talk with you to understand your financial circumstances


Next, we obtain detailed information and documents to prepare the paperwork to file the case


Then, we file the case electronically with the court and assure everything is complete


The Court will set a creditors meeting within about 30 days after filing. This is normally the only time you have to appear in court (options to do by phone) and we are there with you.


Depending upon the type of case, there may be court hearings or additional paperwork that we handle for you


At the end of the case, there is normally an order discharging (eliminating) any remaining debts

Frequently Asked Questions


The court charges a filing fee, unless you can qualify for a waiver.  You are required to take credit counseling and financial management courses (short online course) that has a small fee as well. 

  • Chapter 7- $335 filing fee
  • Chapter 13- $310 filing fee
  • Chapter 11- $1,710 filing fee
  • Course fees- $50
  • Legal fees- vary from $799 and up
Does it look bad to file Bankruptcy?

Chances are, if you are contemplating filing BK, your creditors already know you are struggling.  Your credit score will often get better much faster by filing bankruptcy then by struggling to get ahead for years.  Bankruptcy was a biblical idea about clearing one’s debts every 7 years and has been around forever, so there is nothing morally wrong with filing.  You are often looked at more positively by creditors within a short time after filing bankruptcy.

Even our current President has used the bankruptcy process to help get a fresh start with some of his businesses in the past, so you should not look at it as a negative. 

What about my credit score and record?

The filing will be a public record and on your credit report for up to 10 years.  Your credit score will drop initially and if you take action to rebuild your credit, you can be at a higher score than you currently are and even qualify for mortgages and other loans within 12 to 36 months.

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